Videos premiere at Google Digital Atelier - European Activism Incubator
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Videos premiere at Google Digital Atelier

The videos created during the ‘Find Your Voice’ project were premiered during an evening reception at Google Digital Atelier on 27th March 2019.


75 guests present in the audience made this an unforgettable evening for everyone involved. We presented the educational process behind the project and shared anecdotes from the five months together.


After each participants’ video was premiered, the young creator entered the stage and talked about her work in front of the audience. At the end of the presentation, all of the participants returned to the stage and answered together many questions from the very engaged audience.


Many of those who attended the event said they were surprised by the quality of the videos and the variety of topics the young women tackled. „I laughed a lot and cried at least twice” said Sandra Melone, mum of Zoe Popovici, one of the project participants.


Many thanks to Google Digital Atelier for hosting the project premiere evening!

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