Services - European Activism Incubator
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Registration of non-profit organisation (in Belgium)

We are able to assist in setting up a non-profit (ASBL: association sans but lucratif / VZW: vereniging zonder winstoogmerk) in Belgium. Our services include:


  • Preliminary assessment and advice
  • Drafting statutes of an ASBL/VZW (in French or Flemish)
  • Preparing documents for court registration
  • Registration procedure
  • Advice on where to open a bank account
  • VAT regime selection and registration


The Incubator also offers affordable accounting services.

Advice before starting a project

Are you wondering about various aspects of starting a project, from legal questions, possibilities of financing, required investment and capacity etc.?


The European Activism’s Incubator collaborates with a number of advisers who are able to support aspiring entrepreneurs and activists in developing a sustainable model for a non-profit initiative or a business.


See also Business Skills for Female Entrepreneurs Module 1: Business Idea Assessment

Social media campaigning & marketing

Are you wondering how to approach social media? Here are some questions the experts of the European Activism Incubator might be able to help with:

  • which social media should you invest time in?
  • is it worthwhile buying social media advertising and in what situations?
  • how to run a campaign on social media?
  • how to grow your audience?
  • when and how to collaborate with influencers?

Campaigning for a cause or looking to reach a wider audience with your project, idea, product etc.? – We can help.

Video-making service

Do you need a video for your social media or a short documentary for your work?


European Activism Incubator offers comprehensive and affordable services for maximising the impact of your video messages:


  • story building, scripting and copy-writing
  • video and film production and post-production
  • communication strategy (defining goals, target groups, outreach channels etc.)


Our team comprises of experienced video and documentary producers and artist, social media experts, and the young women, who graduated the first edition of the ‘Find Your Voice’ project.


The European Activism Incubator offers support to various initiatives, organisations and projects in their journey to sustainable financing.

Our offer includes reviewing clients’ financing and fundraising options, supporting applications for funds and offering organisational and coaching services for seeking funds or developing a business model.

GDPR implementation

The EU General Data Protection Regulation obliges persons, non-profit organisations, entrepreneurs, freelancers and companies to implement a number of safety measures and processes that facilitate access to rights of people whose data they process.

Our main speciality is small businesses, online or physical. We take a ‘no-panic’ approach and support clients in implementing what is necessary and proportionate.

As a result, clients become not only GDPR-compliant but also benefit from improved personal data management.

Financial and organisational planning and management

Are you an existing organisation or business that needs to restructure as it has grown beyond its previous model of functioning?

Our experts have experience in corporate, start-up and non-profit management, and can support clients in finding the right operational model for their mission.

Website and visual identity

Do you need a website, logo, business card design, visually consistent memes? Are you wondering how to get them at a reasonable cost?

Our approach is not only to develop our clients’ designs and visual identity but to teach them simple tools so that they can also do further updates and edits in-house.

Networking and joint action

Some projects and initiatives may benefit from pooling resources. From running joint fundraising events, applying for larger funding grants together to cooperating for mutual benefit, the European Activism Incubator is the place to find the right partners and collaborations.