Official registration of a non-profit organisation (in Belgium)

We support setting up a non-profit organisation in Belgium, in the form of an Association (ASBL: association sans but lucratif).


Our service includes:


  • Preliminary assessment and advice
  • Creating the statutes of an Association (in French) according to the Belgian law
  • Preparing documents for court registration
  • Support with the registration procedure
  • Advice on where to open a bank account
  • Advice on post-registration obligations.
Mock grant proposal evaluation

We carry out mock evaluations of grant applications for various funding programmes. This helps identify the strengths and weaknesses of a proposal and make changes before submitting it to the donor organisation.


Carrying out a mock proposal evaluation increases the likelihood of winning the grant and provides prospective applicants with useful insights that also support the preparation of future proposals.


Our service includes:


  • Assessment of the objectives of a call for proposals
  • Review of relevant call documents provided by the prospective donor
  • Review and assessment of the proposal (according to official guidelines of the donor, if available)
  • Detailed and actionable feedback to the proposal authors.
Capacity building and organisational planning

We support non-profit organisations in improving their capacity, strategic planning and building sustainable operational models. Our guiding principles combine effectiveness and efficiency with the well-being of teams and individuals.


Whether a newly founded or an existing non-profit, which needs to restructure as it has grown beyond its previous model of functioning, the Incubator can support the process of mapping out, reviewing and overhauling strategic objectives, operations and management.

Advice before starting a project

Are you wondering about various aspects of starting a non-profit project or a change-making initiative, from legal questions and possibilities for financing to required investment and capacity?


The European Activism’s Incubator invites you to connect with one of our senior consultants who can support aspiring non-profit founders in developing their idea sustainably.


The European Activism Incubator offers support to various initiatives, organisations and projects in their journey to sustainable financing.


Our offer includes reviewing clients’ financing and fundraising options, supporting applications for funds and offering training to build the capacity to seek funds and develop a sustainable income stream model.