Fundraising Conversations: Season 2 - European Activism Incubator
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Fundraising Conversations Season 2

Fundraising Conversations: Season 2

The European Activism Incubator is happy to announce that Season 2 of the Fundraising Conversations will run from January to March 2023 on every third Tuesday of the month at 12:30 pm.

What are Fundraising Conversations?


The Fundraising Conversations is a series of live online interviews dedicated to building the capacity of non-profits and activists who are fighting for positive social and environmental change, equality, and justice.


The live format of the interviews means you can participate and ask questions to our expert guests.


Are you curious about new fundraising trends or looking to further your organization’s impact?


This is a unique opportunity for activists and non-profits looking to grow their skills and knowledge on all topics related to funding, fundraising, and financing change-making initiatives.

    • Dates:
    • Time: 12:30PM
    • Meeting place: our YouTube channel

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