About - European Activism Incubator
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The European Activism Incubator is a non-profit organisation based in Brussels. We drive, promote, advance and contribute to positive change and transformation in our societies, pursuing the values of social justice and inclusion, equality and equity, emancipation and empowerment, ecology and sustainability.


We support non-profit projects and initiatives, and for-profit ones with a positive social or environmental impact, and assist change-makers to become more effective. We work with non-profit organisations, traditional and impact businesses, grass-root movements, informal groups, artists, activists, campaigners and entrepreneurs.


The philosophy of the Incubator is to remain cross-cutting and innovative. Weaving together approaches from various fields and bringing business and non-profit thinking closer, the Incubator’s vision is to find effective ways to support positive change.


We aim to improve the well-being of people and communities and contribute to the development of balanced models of living and working.


We are currently active in the following areas:

Projects and incubation

The Incubator’s structure allows launching and testing impact projects, both non- and for-profit.  We run projects internally, as well as incubate external initiatives.


We focus on innovation, impact and creative approaches that promote the mental and physical well-being of all, support the eco-system of our planet and make our societies more inclusive.

Training, mentoring and support

The European Activism Incubator offers training and know-how in support of impact projects, organisations and businesses in such areas as strategy, organisational development and innovation, funding and fundraising, capacity and movement building, advocacy, campaigning etc. We tailor the specific offer to the support needs, which we jointly identify with organisations, impact entrepreneurs and activists, who reach out to us.


We also offer ready-made workshops and training. Our offer for organisations is designed to:

  • enhance performance and well-being of teams by unlocking their potential and improving relationships;
  • strengthen and increase their efficiency and effectiveness in carrying out their mission and vision.


We also provide training in support of impact entrepreneurs, with a special focus on women who seek to develop for- or non-profit initiatives.


We plan, develop, launch and run awareness-raising campaigns to spark change and inspire dialogue on meaningful topics.


The Incubator provides support services to other organisations and change-makers with aligned values, and this area of activity also raises funds for our operations.

Philosophy and research interests

We see change-making as an art and a skill. Our work is based on systems thinking and we see power as a living organism emergent from interconnected structures. We seek to discover ways of driving change effectively by understanding this inner circuitry.


We experiment with change-making through small scale projects that combine non-profit, business, political, cultural and entrepreneurial approaches. They serve as a tool to develop and deepen theories of change and to experiment with methods of driving change.


Our analysis of sources of power and influence underpins the development of tools for effective change-making, as well as test innovative financing methods to launch impact projects. The Incubator contributes to finding answers to the constant tension between doing what society or individuals need and making an initiative sustainable financially, either through fundraising or profit-making.


We see creative freedom as a necessary part of this learning process. The ethics of living and working consciously and sustainably are at the heart of everything we do.


We envisage becoming an entrepreneurship and activism hub.