The European Activism Incubator is a Brussels-based non-profit organisation dedicated to strengthening, equipping and supporting change-makers and change-making organisations.


We are committed to practical research to better understand how to successfully drive positive change. We believe that effective change-making is both an art and a skill, thus specific methods and techniques, which significantly increase the chances of moving the needle in the desired direction, can be identified, systematised, shared and deployed.


For this, we continuously work to deepen our understanding of how power and influence operate, and how they can be steered for positive social and environmental impact, equality and justice.


As we uncover and develop this knowledge and methods, we share and apply it through workshops, toolkits and process facilitation that support organisations and activists who share our values.


We provide training and workshops, and also accompany non-profit organisations in various processes that improve the way they work and help them become more effective in delivering their mission. Read more about our Training Hub here.


We experiment with various methods of driving change through small-scale and micro-projects that combine non-profit, political, cultural and entrepreneurial approaches.


Some of our projects help us develop and deepen the know-how on the components of successful change-making. Others serve as tools to explore and test innovative financing methods for non-profits and activism.


In that, we seek to resolve tensions between various concerns, which are part of any change-making initiative: the need for financial support and sustainability, the desire to remain ethical, autonomous and responsive, and the constraints that come from operating within the current socio-economic model.


The experience gathered through our activities and projects also feeds into the advice we provide to non-profit start-ups. In addition, we support non-profit founders in meeting formal administrative registration requirements (in Belgium only).

Philosophy, mission and values

In contributing to the positive transformation of our societies, we are driven by the values of social justice and inclusion, equality, emancipation and empowerment, ecology and sustainability. We care about improving the well-being of people and communities together with safeguarding and upholding the Planet’s ecosystems, and aspire to contribute to the development of more balanced and modest models of living.


The philosophy of the Incubator is to remain cross-cutting and innovative. Weaving together entrepreneurial and non-profit thinking, the Incubator’s vision is to pioneer new and more effective ways of driving positive change and to improve the prevailing ones – because the younger and older generations alike deserve a better future than the one we are heading towards right now.


Our approach is based on systems thinking and we see power as a living organism emergent from interconnected structures. It is by seeking to understand its inner circuitry better that we aim to unearth the secrets of effective change-making. Creative freedom, fresh angles and venturesome experimentation are imperative in this learning process, and the Incubator is the space that permits it.


The ethics of living and working consciously, sustainably and modestly are at the heart of everything we do.