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About European Activism Incubator

European Activism Incubator initiates, incubates and supports projects that bring about positive change and improve our societies.


European Activism Incubator is a Brussels-based European non-profit organisation that allows launching and testing on a small scale impact projects. It supports both non-profit and entrepreneurial initiatives that aim to improve the well-being of people and communities, strive for social justice and equality, and contribute to the development of more environmentally aware, moderate models of living.


One of the key challenges for impact project is that whilst they often aim to alter the way the society or the economy work, they must commence and operate within the currently existing socio-economic model. The Incubator tries to find answers to the constant tensions between doing what the society or individuals need and making an initiative sustainable financially either through fundraising or profit-making.


The philosophy of the Incubator is to remain cross-cutting and innovative. From collaborating on a project that mixes art and psychotherapy, to bringing business and non-profit thinking closer, the Incubator’s vision is to find effective ways to support social change. Sustainability, ethics and the philosophy of living and working consciously and with moderation are at the heart of everything we do.

Research, philosophy and values


European Activism Incubator is the place of experimentation with change. The change is studied through small projects that shift between non-profit, business, political, cultural or entrepreneurial approaches. They are the tool for developing theories of change and gain experience with technologies which drive change.


It also allows testing and experimentation with various forms of financing methods to launch projects off the ground. We support the values of empowerment: projects and visionary approaches that make our societies a place for everyone, follow and support the eco-system of our planet and promote mental and physical well-being of all.


The philosophy behind the Incubator is based on system thinking. Power is an organism and only through understanding the interconnected system of its inner piping effective change can be driven.


European Activism Incubator runs small projects and provides services through a network of tried and tested collaborators to raise funds.  We envisage becoming an entrepreneurship and activism hub.


Find Your Voice
Digital Inclusion, Participation, Visual arts, Women Empowerment
The Alana Project
Migrants & Refugees, Social Justice, Sustainability, Visual arts, Women Empowerment

Project Partnerships


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