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About the European Activism Incubator

Europe needs more activism and more effective activism.


As the quality of life in the European countries remains one of the highest in the world, some global processes may threaten our well-being. At the same time, there is a growing awareness of the shortcomings of the contemporary socio-economic models and many people become active to bring about change.

Many artists, activists, campaigners and entrepreneurs start and run small, medium and large projects that initiate and support change. Active in local communities or online, these individuals, informal groups and small organisations support local communities, improve the environment and the quality of life in cities and towns. Some engage in dialogue with local administrations; others fight to protect the climate, for gender equality, for migrant integration and for an open society.

The idealism and knowledge of these activists cannot be questioned, but there is always a possibility to increase the capacity for action. There are possibilities to improve financing, management, scope etc.

The European Activism Incubator currently supports initiatives in the area of digital inclusion, women and girls empowerment, gender equality and political participation. It also supports artistic initiatives that bring a diversity of voices in the public debate.

The philosophy of the Incubator is to work across all sectors, and with private, public and non-governmental partners. From collaborating on a project that mixes art and psychotherapy, to bringing business and non-profit thinking closer, the Incubator’s vision is to find an effective way to support positive social change.


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Digital Inclusion, Participation, Visual arts, Women Empowerment




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