“Searching” by Diana Przeor

The short film “Searching” was created by Diana Przeor as part of the ‘Find Your Voice’ project 2018/19.


Diana’s film has many interpretations. It seems that everyone will see something else, depending on what experiences life has gifted them with.


Diana’s primary concern was the issues of freedom and happiness in life. She originally scripted a very ambitious movie about peer pressure among young teenagers, which we hope will be made one day.


But in the final version of “Searching”, she uses nature as an allegory for the human quest. She wishes that people find hope and freedom in life; using ruins and beautiful nature images to show that calmness and disaster are interconnected, as are life and death.


As the music accelerates in her video we see a “hawk looking for this freedom and happiness, who advocate it, goes through empty glades, has no obligations. Later the man goes through the fields…


And then again there is such a search for this happiness, this freedom, and he fails, the black background music is quiet and booming over water, rain, lightning, storm, sadness and depression.


Later you can see birds, the freedom representation, and there are more and more of them, at the end you can see a (wo)man walking who stands and raises arms like a bird, that (s)he wants to feel free, happy and for a while it…


And then there is the last note, (s)he puts arms down and goes back to the walk, which means that(s)he failed to achieve this freedom, that happiness and that (s)he has to look further…”


Filming and editing: Diana Przeor

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