“Revolution” by Ana-Maria Zaharia

The short film “Revolution” was created by Ana-Maria Zaharia as part of ‘Find Your Voice’ project.


Ana Maria Zaharia, 21-year-old at the time of the project, is a Brussels-based artist with Romanian roots. In her application, she wrote: “I’ve always had ideas but never the courage to act on them. I hope ‘Find Your Voice’ project will help me get out of my shell”.


At one of our early workshops, Ana-Maria revealed that she wanted to talk about the fear of being with oneself, which, she believes, plagues her generation. Her initial idea for the film was to show herself keeping herself constantly occupied, with the audio of her internal dialogue in the background.


We have gone through many rounds of brainstorming and feedback on the ideas and scripts with each project participant. At some point of the process, one of the guest-tutors challenged Ana-Maria to express her message only visually.


She ended up creating an expressive film, that follows a young woman wandering the streets of a busy city to eventually escape and connect with herself in a peaceful, snow-clad forest.


Ana-Maria’s friend, Anaelle Bouard starred in the video and, inspired by this collaboration, composed a poem. Her verse became part of the film, and Ana-Maria achieved a level of artistic expression rarely seen in a debut film-maker.

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