Training - European Activism Incubator
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Welcome to the training hub of the European Activism Incubator.

Training for organisations

Our offer is suitable non- and for-profit organisations in public, private and third sectors. It is especially useful for change-makers and innovators who share our values. It supports organisations in increasing effectiveness through:


  • becoming more strategic in fulfilling your mission;
  • becoming more efficient, by focusing both on the internal processes and the well-being of teams.


Our ‘off-the-peg’ workshop offer supports professional development and builds capacity of individuals, teams, members and organisations as a whole. The workshops can be used for staff training, team-building, member programmes, and for management and executive trainings. See our continuously expanding catalogue here.


We also prepare tailored solutions for organisations who wish to pursue a specific goal, such as moving projects and processes forward, finding solutions to challenges, reaching consensus, creating strategies and facilitating organisational development.  We also support professional development of individuals, team development for improved operations and interactions, and help with movement building to improve cohesion.


Our working methods include training, mentoring, advisory services and process facilitation. We also design, deliver and facilitate capacity-building events on request. Contact us to find out if we can offer what you are looking for.

Training for entrepreneurs

Our training offer for entrepreneurs is currently focused on women who wish to develop impact projects, both for- and non-profit.  We provide a fast-track method for developing entrepreneurship skills through a highly responsive, hands-on programme, during which we work directly on the impact project or business idea, which an aspiring entrepreneur brings to the table. Read more here.