Welcome to the training hub of the European Activism Incubator.



The work of our hub is organised into two pillars:


The mission of the European Activism Incubator is to make change-makers and non-profit organisations more effective. We build their capacity by addressing the following four dimensions:


  • STRATEGY and PLANNING: to sharpen their focus,
  • OPERATIONS and MANAGEMENT: to improve their day-to-day functioning and internal workings,
  • PEOPLE and TEAMS: to enhance their well-being and cultivate relationships,
  • FUNDING: to improve their financial situation.


We believe that it is all these dimensions that together make up agile, creative and highly functional civil society organisations that can instigate tangible change in the desired direction. VIEW CATALOGUE


To achieve this, we collaborate with change-making organisations in the following ways:

Workshops and seminars (webinars)

We offer a range of ready-made workshops and seminars that can be provided as training to organisations or networks, on-site or remotely. They can be used for staff, management and executive training, team building, capacity-building and movement-building for employees and network members, etc. See our continuously expanding catalogue here.


We also create training tailored to the specific needs and objectives of a given organisation or network. For this, we put together training sessions from various elements of our ready-made offer and develop new ones, as well as source experts and guest speakers from within our network. We design, deliver and facilitate training and capacity-building events upon request. Contact us to discuss if we can offer what you are looking for.


Process facilitation

Facilitation supports organisations in getting things done – in solving problems and making decisions – by using techniques that make these processes easier and less cumbersome. We have in our toolkit facilitation methods for a variety of purposes, for example:


  • to develop a focused strategy,
  • to create a detailed action plan,
  • to design and plan the execution of a project or a process,
  • to initiate, agree upon and push forward a change inside an organisation,
  • to resolve bottlenecks, tensions, frustration and prevent conflicts,
  • to develop a joint vision and create more cohesion and unity among the people involved in an organisation or an initiative,
  • to exchange ideas and learn from each other, etc.


These tools are suitable for an organisation’s internal team meetings and processes, and for enhancing gatherings, conferences, summits and peer-learning events.


Likewise here, we provide one-off facilitation or design more elaborate, multi-stage processes tailored to specific objectives an organisation brings to the table. In some cases we combine facilitation with other methods and approaches, to design a process that best attains its goals. Our working methods always include a focus on developing consensus and forging change leadership, because people are the heart of every organisation. Contact us to discuss if we can support your organisation in what it needs and wants to achieve.


Our training offer is developed primarily for non-profits and civil society organisations, but we are open to collaborating with the public and private sectors, for impact projects and to support initiatives that share our values. Some of our workshops and facilitation techniques are also highly applicable in the business and civil servant contexts.


We provide support to impact entrepreneurs, who wish to launch a non-profit organisation or a change-making initiative.


We also advise newly established and young organisations in setting up and implementing development plans.


We also help founders carry out the formal registration of a non-profit (Belgium only) and support organisations in meeting the basic administrative requirements that follow the registration.

Organisations we’ve worked with