Sandra Melone peacebuilding career

Interview: A Career in Peacebuilding with Sandra Melone

CAREERS IN CHANGE-MAKING  | Recent graduates, jobs-seekers, aspiring change-makers: tune in for this exclusive interview with Sandra Melone, an expert in peacebuilding and Chairwoman of the Board of Directors at Search for Common Ground Europe 


In this interview, we gain insights into Sandra’s career in the world’s largest peacebuilding NGOSandra shares how her career developed from volunteering with Amnesty International to missions of peace throughout the world.


As we discover more about this impactful career path, we also hear Sandra’s top tips for making yourself stand out in the early stages of your careerbased on her rich experience of being on the decision-making end of multitude of applications.  

Tune in to the interview below, to discover 


  • an introduction to the work and ethos of Search for Common Ground, with insight into the functioning of its organisational structure 
  • the approaches and techniques of peacebuilding and success factors within this sector 
  • the importance of recognising the diversity and the strength of togetherness in conflict resolution and throughout society 
  • advice for developing a fulfilling and effective career in the social impact sector 
  • how to make yourself stand out as you climb the career ladder to success


Watch the full interview to learn from an experienced professional of the social impact sector and to gain expert insights into a career in peacebuilding. 

Sandra Melone peacebuilding career
Roll your sleeves up. Put your heart and time into what you’re passionate about.

Nobody can define it for you – you can. You’ll learn that we each find our “mission” in life at very different moments

Interview with Sandra Melone

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