NGO Fundraising and Development

Interview: A Career in NGO Fundraising with Marian Cramers

CAREERS IN CHANGE-MAKING  |  For the first in our series on  Careers in Change-Making, we speak to Marian Cramers, Director of Development at Democratic Society and expert in NGO fundraising.


In this interview, Marian shares with us insights from her experience in the social impact sector and offers some top advice for a career in fundraising. 

Watch the full interview below to gain inside knowledge on:


    • what fundraising for a non-profit organisation entails
    • the key skills and attributes of a professional in NGO fundraising
    • potential career paths into NGO development
    • how Marian’s background in the private sector manifests in her current role and how the private sector and social impact sector compare
    • making the best start to your career: based on her experience, Marian offers valuable advice on what to look for and what not to worry about in the early stages of your career


If you’re a recent graduate considering a career in the social impact sector, or if you’re simply curious to discover more about non-profit organisations, this interview shares unique insights into NGO fundraising, and offers professional advice for a career in the social impact sector and beyond. 

NGO Fundraising and Development

Perhaps the most important thing is just to be open-minded and creative. What funded you in the past isn't necessarily what will fund you in the future.

The partnerships you will need to strike up, the new business models you may want to look into, the way you might position your services, are all going to be subject to change.

Interview with Marian Cramers

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