Yannick Bousse urban mobility career

Interview: A career in urban mobility with Yannick Bousse

CAREERS IN CHANGE-MAKING  | In the third episode of our live interview series “Careers in Change-making” we had the great pleasure to speak to urban mobility expert Yannick Bousse, who is currently a Senior Manager for Knowledge and Innovation at the International Association of Public Transport (UITP).


In this interview, first, we discuss how the work of UITP contributes to cleaner air in our cities, improved well-being and better health outcomes for their residents.


We also touch upon what the international and European associations are, as they are one of the main types of impact organisations in Brussels. We find out what they do and how they play a role in bringing about positive change, using the example of UITP’s Sustainable Development Committee and the GECKO project.

We then turn to explore Yannick’s career path and find out what skills, knowledge and capacities are necessary for managing a large EU funded project. Yannick explains how he went from an intern to a senior manager level over the last 10 years. 


He shares how a catch-up coffee with a previous traineeship manager opened the door to a series of opportunities that finally brought him to where he is today. But it wasn’t always a smooth ride, as having to first work on a succession of temporary contracts was stressful at the time. Yet, “sticking in there and hanging on to get that experience I needed to launch my career, I think it was worth it in the end.”

Yannick Bousse urban mobility career
Try to capitalise on what you have, but also do some reflection, look for where your strength and weaknesses are,

is Yannick’s final advice.

Interview with Yanick Bousse

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