This empowerment workshop is designed to support women’s career development.

It is suitable for organisations that seek to act upon or pursue values of inclusion and gender equality.


The workshop invites women participants to reflect upon and acknowledge their unique contribution to the workplace and beyond. It boosts their confidence and ignites them to make fuller contributions to their organisation and teams.


The workshop also inspires considerations on the nature of success: the importance of how an individual shows up in the context of company values, culture and methods of measuring and appraising success.


    • staff training,
    • team away day

    Useful for:

    • ›   supporting the personal and professional development of women
    • ›   empowering women by increasing their sense of worth and their ability for self-appraisal
    • ›   assisting organisational efforts in achieving gender balance and equality
    • ›   reflecting on structural obstacles to women’s success


Professionally, women continue being underrepresented at every organisational level and especially in management. Studies point out that although there is no gap between performance or ability between sexes, women are significantly less likely to self-advocate, which in turn leads to less recognition for their contributions within organisations and fewer promotions.


Encouraging women to recognise and speak confidently about their achievements can constitute an important part of what organisations can do to support the professional development of their female employees and associates.


At the same time, a growing number of studies point out that boosting confidence alone is unlikely to achieve gender balance in organisations. Shifts in internal culture, addressing gender bias and structural changes are paramount.


This workshop provides an opportunity to reflect on both sides of the coin.



This women empowerment workshop is based on the presentation of a range of thought-provoking research findings related to women and professional success.


It also features practical exercises, which instantly move the knowledge from the intellectual to the experiential level.


It comprises of three main parts:

  • an interactive presentation
  • a facilitated circle discussion
  • an individual and group exercises in “couraging” and self-presentation

    • Duration: 2.5 – 3.5 hours
    • Modes of facilitation: on-site or remote
    • Number of participants: 5-15 persons who identify as women
    • Organisational suitability: any and all types of organisations committed to gender equality
    • Inquiries: contact@activismincubator.eu

Options: an extended version of training includes an additional 1.5h workshop on overcoming the Impostor Syndrome



If you wish to deepen gender balance and empower women in your organisation, our Power Agility workshop is designed for reflections on power relations and inclusive transparent decision-making.


We also recommend our Mind Your Mind workshop, to consider and unpack the role of unconscious bias in gender relations within an organisation.

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