Learn the key ingredients of preparing a winning EU grant application


The seminar supports the participants in writing proposals for EU grants that win the hearts and minds of the evaluators and increases the chances of being awarded financing.


During the training, the participants find out how to prepare a grant proposal that is clear, realistic and that responds to the donor’s requirements.


The participants get a unique chance to discover what the process of selecting a winning grant application looks like from the inside, by hearing the perspective of a former grant evaluator. They also learn a methodology to articulate the project ideas in a logical and convincing way. These insights help them prepare a grant application in a way that is easier for evaluators to read and positively assess.


The participants also learn about various organisational aspects that influence the overall success of a grant application. These include planning the work on large applications, tackling high levels of administrative requirements, and avoiding various pitfalls, for example those related to drafting a budget or building partnerships.


The practical exercise, included at the end, allows the participants to step into the evaluator’s shoes and immediately apply the principles discussed at the workshop.


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  •      Useful for:

    • improving grant writing skills
    • growing a non-profit’s financial resources
    • developing a non-profit organisation


    • Duration: 2 h
    • Modes of facilitation: on-site or remote
    • Number of participants: unlimited
    • Organisational suitability: non-profit and civil society organisations
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What are the secrets of writing a successful grant application? What makes an application stand out? These are the questions that are on many organisations’ minds.


Applying for various grants and subsidies is a regular activity of most non-profit organisations yet many struggle with the process. The project idea can be great but if it is not set out clearly and convincingly in the application, it may fail to obtain funding.


This training responds to these concerns and is especially useful to junior and mid-level professionals in change-making and non-profit organisations looking to sharpen their EU grant proposal writing skills



The workshop focuses on EU grant proposal writing and consists of:


  • a presentation of the organisational aspects of writing a grant proposal;
  • an introduction to the Impact Chain methodology to present a project’s objectives, activities, and expected impact;
  • a conversation with a former grant evaluator with insights on how to make a proposal easier to read and evaluate for experts;
  • a practical exercise to illustrate the principles discussed at the workshop and where the participants can apply their newly learnt skills.
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