Collaborative Communication is a team-building workshop for perfecting the art of relationships and improving communication in teams, groups and between colleagues. The participants will learn to listen and express themselves better for successful collaboration.


This highly practical team-building workshop is designed to uncover the principles and attitudes that foster Collaborative Communication in the workplace. It also provides an opportunity to immediately experience improved ways of communicating through exercises.


The participants learn how to effectively and empathically communicate with others, whilst remaining true to themselves. This new way of relating can be directly applied in a professional or private context.


By exploring the key steps of the communication process, the workshop raises awareness of our ways of thinking and relating, and thus enables a shift of perception, which leads to constructive solutions, whilst decreasing tensions and conflict.


It encourages each participant to take responsibility for their communication style while remaining flexible and open to the perceptions and feelings of others. The principles can also be applied in workplace situations which require giving feedback, such as annual reviews or project milestones.


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    • ›   improving relationships within a team and strengthens the collaborative spirit
    • ›   developing a way of communicating that is more authentic
    • ›   reinforcing connection and empathy towards self and others
    • ›   developing an ability to communicate assertively, whilst taking care of togetherness


In a world that is constantly changing, the capacity to adapt and collaborate, and emotional intelligence are increasingly important for building resilience in teams and organisations.


Communication problems occur mainly due to misunderstanding or misinterpretation. Built on the ground-breaking non-violent communication work by Marshal Rosenberg, the Collaborative Communication method teaches a different, more effective and constructive way of relating to others.


By making personal observations, feelings, needs and concrete requests clear to others in a collaborative setting, one can catch the attention of teammates and connect with them in a more fluid way. A flow of energy is unlocked when one can honour both one’s own needs and the choices of others.


Collaborative communication is an art that can contribute to the success of any organisation or grass-roots movement as a result of more authentic communication, respecting everyone within a group or a collective, and by preventing conflict.


The workshop focuses on the 4 key elements needed to ensure communication flow:


  • observing without judgment: escaping from automatism and limiting beliefs
  • feeling without interpreting: listening empathically to oneself and others
  • recognizing the needs: developing the ability to understand everyone in the relationship and distinguishing needs from desires and wishes
  • assertive request: making a concrete and negotiable request in a way that ensures connection and co-creation

The participants learn key elements directly through examples and exercises:


  • a presentation introducing the vocabulary and main principles of Collaborative Communication
  • four exercises leading the participants through the process of OFNR – from Observation, Feeling, recognising Needs to assertive Request.
  • reflection and sharing on a concrete collaborative situation that did not go according to expectations
  • facilitated circle discussions for shared consciousness and reflection on responsibilities

Options: For better communication and relationships, the workshop can be provided to a single team including its senior and junior members, or it can be provided to a group of managers in an organisation.


The latter provides an opportunity to reflect more specifically on the leadership challenges related to effective and empathic communication.


This team-building workshop can also be adapted to address specific issues experienced by an organisation or a team. In this case, the trainer spends longer on the preparations to tailor the workshop content to the needs uncovered through preparatory conversations.


    • Duration: 4h / half-day*
    • Modes of facilitation: on-site or remote
    • Number of participants: 5-15 persons
    • Organisational suitability: private, public, and third sector, citizen’s movements, grass-root organisations, informal groups
    • Inquiries: contact@activismincubator.eu

* in remote facilitation, workshops are usually divided into two parts

Secrets of Collaborative Communication with Marie-Amélie Ormieres

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