Engineering Effective Change

Engineering Effective Change is a research and experimentation project focused on deepening an understanding of the nature of power and influence, to develop effective methods of driving change.


In this context, power is studied as a construct stemming from political and institutional set-up, mass media, citizen engagement, and societal norms and relations. By deepening the understanding of power structures and the sources of power and influence in our society, the project improves our grasp of the most effective ‘levers’ that can be ‘pressed’ to instigate change.


The results of this research underpin the development of practical tools, designed to build and increase the capacity of activists and change-making organisations and supports them in making strategic choices that are effective and at the same time tailored to their resources.


See our Technologies of Change workshop.


The project also investigates power balance inside organisations, teams, movements and informal groups of change-makers.


Often, implicit power relations lead to under-utilisation of resources and unintentional discrimination or exclusion. The project informs the development of a training offer that uncovers these mechanisms, opens up the dialogue on them and supports a positive change within organisations, teams, groups or grass-root movements.


See our Power Agility workshop.




September 02, 2019


Migrants & Refugees, Participation, Social justice, Sustainability, Women empowerment