“Listen” by Michelle Pawa

The short film “Listen” was created by Michelle Pawa as part of ‘Find Your Voice’ project.


At the time of the project, Michelle Pawa was a 22-year old psychology student at the Institut Libre Marie Haps. She also worked as a coach and an inspirational speaker. Early in the project, Michelle shared with us that her career choice is controversial for many, given her young age.


Initially, she hoped to create a video for her coaching social media channels that would inspire people not to give up in the light of failure as one can always start again. At the early stages of her scripting, she planned to show known personalities and how they have dealt with setbacks. She then considered showing her little nieces’ learning to walk.


However, a more personal angle inspired the final version of her short film.  It shows her struggle to deal with negative comments about her career choice and how she had to fight through the doubts that they have put in her mind. The video is powerful in its authenticity.

The project was called ‘Find Your Voice’, and my answer is – listen to your voice.

Michelle Pawa at her first public screening

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